December 22, 1860

Macomb Eagle

Show us the Chapter and Verse

We occasionally hear the republican journals and even republicans in conversation, in speaking of the fugitive slave law, assert that under its provisions a man may “be dragged, at the dead hour of night, from the bosom of his family, and like a bloodhound be put upon the scent of the fleeing fugitive and ordered to track and seize him.”  And the Macomb Journal wants to know how we would “love” to be served so.  Now all this must certainly be in the fugitive slave law; republicans are supposed to thoroughly posted on its provisions; they certainly would not talk about it if they were not, and they would not assert a power in it if it is not there. – Now it is a long while since we have read the law, and we request some republican friend to point out the chapter and verse, where men are liable to be ordered out indiscriminately on a negro hunt.  We have never heard of such authority having been exercised or attempted by any officer.  But it is doubtless in the law – only we want to know the chapter and verse.  Some of the sixteen editors of the Journal think themselves learned in the law – they are pious men, too – and of course they will tell us where this wicked provision is to be found.  They will also tell us how Corwin proposes to make this law more effective.


Glory and Prosperity.

Soon after the election we found the republican papers filled with articles like this:

“Now that the great republican party has redeemed the country, and a long era of national prosperity and glory may be expected to set in with the inauguration of the new President &c.”

Can our farmers see the glory and prosperity with corn at fifteen cents a bushel, and hogs almost no sale?  Do our mechanics see the glory and prosperity, when the dollars they get one day may be almost worthless in their pockets the next day?  Do our business men feel the glory and prosperity, when they have to pay ten per cent. for exchange to meet the notes for goods in their stores?  Will our taxpayers see the glory and prosperity, when they will have to purchase their tax-money at ten or fifteen per cent. premium?  This is the glory and prosperity of a republican triumph.  This is the beginning – what will the end be?


Oyster Supper. – The ladies connected with the Baptist Church in Macomb propose giving an oyster supper, at Campbell’s Hall, on Friday evening, 28th inst.  The proceeds of the supper will be devoted to paying indebtedness on the church building.  It will doubtless be an elegant and recherché affair – where all will have their senses pleased and appetites delighted.  As similar undertakings have heretofore been liberally patronized, we need not appeal to the well known generosity of our people to manifest their approval and countenance on this occasion.


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