November 24, 1860

Macomb Eagle


Two weeks ago the republican papers were jubilant and vociferous in shouting that “Lincoln’s election was the salvation of the country.”  The “salvation” that is now upon all kinds of business – that is destroying all kinds of commercial confidence – that is depressing the price of all agricultural products – that is forcing gold to command a premium of 10 per cent. – this, we should think, is a “salvation” that the people would pray to be delivered from.  What do the people think of this condition of affairs?  Pork is going down, wheat is going down, corn is so low that it will not pay for the hauling, and gold had gone up beyond the reach of all moderate means.  How will the people like to pay 10 to 15 per cent. for specie to pay their taxes this winter?  Is this the “irrepressible conflict” to which we were invited – a conflict to make the rich richer and the poor poorer?  What a great “salvation” has come upon us!


Macomb Eagle

Sunday School Recreations –

Last week the Sunday School connected with the Christian Church, made an excursion to Quincy.  There were quite a number participating, and a pleasant time was experienced.  Tuesday night the Presbyterian Sunday School had a “picnic” in Campbell’s hall.  A large number of little folks enjoyed themselves hugely, and some of a larger growth went in for a good share of amusement.  The EAGLE boys are indebted to the managers for a sumptuous lunch.


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