November 3, 1860

The Macomb Eagle

For President,
For Vice-President,
For Presidential Electors,
James L. D. Morrison,
William H. W. Cushman,
John A. Rawlins,
John W. Drury,
S. W. Randall,
S. Corning Judd,
Calvin A. Warren,
Anthony Thornton,
Nathan W. Tupper,
William H. Underwood,
Isham N. Haynie.

For Governor,
For Lieutenant Governor,
For Secretary of State,
Geo. H. Campbell,
For Treasurer of State,
For Auditor of State,
For Sup’t Public Instruction,
For Congress,
For State’s Attorney,
For State Senator,
For Representative,
For the Circuit Clerk,
For Sheriff,
For Coroner,

Importing Voters by the Car Load!

Chas. B. Lawrence tells it and acknowledges it!

Republicans perpetrating more Damnable Outrage!

It seems that the catalogue of infamy and crime perpetrated upon the rights of the people of this county, by the republican central committee, is not yet completed.  We thought we had unveiled enough of their villainy to rouse the most sluggish individual in our midst to indignant action.  But what we have now to relate surpasses anything in wholesale atrocity that has heretofore been published about their nefarious schemes.  On Wednesday last, Mr. Chas. B. Lawrence, a well-known republican of Warren county, on the cars [train] between Prairie City and Macomb, told a friend that, “The republicans will carry this county, and also the Congressional district.  Two [train] car-loads of Swedes will arrive in Prairie City to-night!” Mr. Lawrence stopped at Macomb, and a gentleman who heard him stopped also and communicated what he heard to some of our citizens.  Mr. Jon. H. Baker then went to Mr. Lawrence, and in the presence of John Knappenberger and others charged him with having made the above assertion.  Mr. Lawrence replied in substance, “I said two loads – not car-loads – the rest is true.”  Mr. Baker rejoined that “The Democrats of Prairie City would be justifiable in ARMING THEMSELVES next Tuesday and protect their rights and the ballot box, with musket balls and bayonets, from invasion by these hireling voters, be they Swedes or others.”  AND SO THEY WOULD!  Mr. Lawrence is a republican, and his veracity as a man is above suspicion; and so is that of Mr. Baker.  This is no idle story.  It is a solid fact – a literal truth!  We ask our readers if this villainy is not sufficient to make the coldest blood boil with indignation – to nerve the most timid arm to the strongest courage – to stir the faintest heart with energy and a determination that that arm shall fall from its shoulder, and that heart’s blood water the earth, ere this damnable republican invasion of their rights shall be consummated?  The ballot box is as dear to you as are your household gods – its purity is as important to your public rights, as is the purity of your conscience to your private character.  We call upon conscientious men, upon honest men, upon patriotic men, upon all men who love fairness in elections and purity in our ballot boxes – we call upon all these, without regard to party affiliation or this unparalleled infamy and in crushing out its villainous authors.  But Democrats must take the initiative step – they must rally early to the polls – and say to these hireling scoundrels that they CAN’T VOTE, and the sooner they leave the better it will be for them.  Good citizens will sustain them in this – the moral sentiment of the country will applaud them – and the approval of their consciences and the satisfaction of having done a good and a righteous deed will form their recompense.

– Democrats of Prairie City township!  The eyes of the people of the county are upon you.  The enemy have selected your township as the theater of their most stupendous frauds – they count on your timidity, on your carelessness, on your indifference, even on your cowardice, to enable them to consummate their villainous schemes. – We much mistake your temper, your zeal, your courage, if they succeed. – “Desperate diseases justify desperate remedies.”  The Democrats of the county have confidence in your firmness to say that these republican hirelings – these imported brutes, who have been bought like negroes in the shambles, SHAN’T VOTE.  And having so determined, that have no earthly power prevents your accomplishing this justifiable and righteous object.  You are thrice armed, because your quarrel is just.  Democrats! it is better to die in a good cause than to live like a cowardly spaniel!

Democrats of McDonough County!

Next Tuesday will tell the story!  The time for mere talking has passed, and THE DAY FOR ACTION HAS ARRIVED!  You have had your monster mass meeting – which have far outnumbered those of the enemy – you have beaten your opponents in argument, by the force of reason; you have everything that is patriotic and praiseworthy on your side; and YOU HAVE THE VOTES WITH WHICH TO ACHIEVE A BRILLIANT TRIUMPH for the cause of truth and justice, if you will only devote enough time to your own and your country’s interest to get them into the ballot boxes.  With a proper effort, there can be nothing more certain than a GLORIOUS VICTORY IN BEHALF OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THE UNION, and the right of self-government.  Go to work, then, from now until after the close of the polls on next Tuesday evening, DO YOUR WHOLE DUTY, AND THE DAY WILL BE YOURS.  Spend but little time in discussion.  See the voters, remind them of their duty and the certainty of success if they will perform it.  One good effort – a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull altogether – and abolitionism shall bite the dust.

Grizzly Bear Trappers in Lamoine!

We are informed by the most trustful authority, that there are five “trappers” in Lamoine township – trappers for ye wild beasts – trappers for ye savage denizens of ye trackless forests and ye craggy mountains, trappers of ye wolf, ye beaver, ye wolverine, ye panther, and ye grizzly bear which do infest ye township of Lamoine!  These heroic trappers – these courageous five trappers – are all from Knox county ; they started for the western plains – for the Rocky Mountains – for those vast forests where “Oregon hears no sound save his own dashings.”  They progressed as far as Lamoine township, in McDonough county, and lighted, upon a deserted cabin, the former occupants of which had doubtless fled from it on account of the abundance of ye terrible wild beasts.  Our brave trappers concluded it would be a good thing to stop and get their hands in, before proceeding to the greater plains, the higher mountains, and the larger forests of the west.  They entered the cabin, and we presume have set their traps – have hunted through the tangled brush – have chased the swift footed deer across corn-fields – have fished for salmon in meandering Crooked creek – and have followed the grizzly bear to his cave in the crags and cliffs of Lamoine’s snow-capped mountains.  Reader, this is no “joke,” as our friends Monfort and Blackburn would say, but the trappers are there; and there they will remain until next Tuesday, when they will earn their pay by voting for “honest old Abe” and the republican ticket in McDonough county.  Then they will put money in their pockets, pursue their journey to the Rocky Mountains – or more likely go back to old Knox, and the “trapping season” will be over in Lamoine!  That’s so!


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